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TB 73: Liqui-Cel® Contactors Used to Meet Pure Steam Requirements in Pharmaceutical Industry

Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors can improve the efficiency and reduce operating costs associated with using pure steam to sterilize pharmaceutical products.

TB 72: Chinese Chemical Plant Optimizes Water Treatment with Liqui-Cel® Contactors

This case study describes how a chemical company replaced their double pass RO system with RO+Liqui-Cel to Optimize their process.

TB 68: Chemical Cost Comparison LC vs. Traditional Deaeration System

This technical brief details the process a company goes through when weighing the operating costs and performance of different degassing systems.

TB 46: Membrane Contactors Improve EDI Performance

Liqui-Cel® decarbonators are commonly used to remove CO2 after RO and prior to EDI for enhanced performance.

TB 38: Chemical-Free Membrane Degassing in Pharmaceutical Plants

Membrane degasifiers are used instead of chemicals for oxygen and carbon dioxide removal from water.

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The pharmaceutical industry requires a continuous source of purified water with a conductivity of < 1.3 µS/cm. Controlling and removing the dissolved CO2 from the water will allow the water to reach this conductivity level. Historically chemical dosing with NaOH was used to control the CO2. Today people are moving away from using chemicals because of their negative impact on the environment and the safety implications of people having to handle the chemicals.

Additionally, EDI and CDI have become a common technology for Ion Exchange in the pharmaceutical industry. These technologies operate more efficiently if the dissolved CO2 is first removed from the water. Excess CO2 in the water will load the EDI and require the installation of more EDI stacks than are necessary.

The pharmaceutical industry also requires high water quality without contamination. Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors offer the ideal solution for gas control in the pharmaceutical industry. Systems with 3M Liqui-Cel are closed systems that do not introduce environmental contaminants into the water like an old Forced Draft Deaerator used to do. They also replace the need to use chemical injection.

Membrane Contactors also provide simultaneous O2 and CO2 removal which benefits any processes where oxygen can negatively impact the end product. Sometimes oxygen can affect the shelf life or product stability. The contactors offer an easy gas removal system that operates consistently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Technical Papers

Membrane Contactors: An Introduction To The Technology
This paper provides a good overview to Membrane Contactor technology. Principles of Membrane Contactor Operation and mass transfer principles are discussed.

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