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Need to select the right product for your application? Read our Technical Specs for the entire Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactor product line.

Dissolved gases can have a negative impact on instrument readings and displays in many analyzers. Bubbles and gases can also alter the composition of a solution being analyzed. The solution being analyzed will absorb gases from the pushing liquid if they are not removed first. Placing a small compact MiniModule® or MicroModule® degassing contactor in the lab system will improve the operation and the reliability of the test results.

Time is valuable to laboratory and research center personnel. Removing dissolved gases helps improve reliability and prevent inaccurate analyzer readings or altered solution composition that require tests to be repeated.

Compact MiniModule® and MicroModule® membrane degassers use minimal space for easy integration into lab equipment for separation, producing lab water, or analyzing solutions. Degassers can also be installed in standalone systems after central DI water systems.

With MiniModule® and MicroModule® installed, lab personnel can expect to reduce wasted time and materials.

  • Reliable readings
  • Accurate dispensing volumes
  • Extend the life of DI cartridges

Membrana is the leading producer of high quality Membrane degassing and debubbling contactors. We manufacture the membrane and the device which gives us ultimate control over supplying a quality product every time, on time, from inventory.

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