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Technical Briefs

TB 69: Increase Ink Jet Print Speeds by 15% with SP Series Membrane Contactors

This technical brief shows how SuperPhobic Membrane Contactors to improve ink jet printer speeds, reduce downtime and improve yields.

TB 52: Bubble Removal from Inks

Ink Deaeration using SuperPhobic® degassing contactors.

TB 25: Bubble Removal From Aqueous Streams Using SP Series Membrane Contactors

Debubble aqueous solutions with SP Series

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Need to select the right product for your application? Read our Technical Specs for the entire Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactor product line.

3M Liqui-Cel SP Series Membrane Contactors are widely used for removing bubbles and dissolved gases from Ink Jet Inks, coatings and other fluids where gases in production lines negatively impact the process.

Removing gasses from liquids can significantly improve yields and operational performance by reducing imperfections and preventing misfiring at the ink jet print head.

3M Liqui-Cel SP Series Membrane Contactors utilize a radial liquid flow path across the membrane to maximize the mass transfer or gas removal. Hollow Fiber membranes made from a proprietary, semi-permeable porous membrane with a non-porous, but gas-permeable barrier on the outer surface of the fiber provide the surface area for degassing to occur. When the process liquid comes into contact with the Hollow Fiber membrane wall, the outer surface barrier allows diffusion of the gas from the liquid into the vacuum phase, but the fluid will not pass through the membrane wall.

The time it takes to degas a solution is greatly reduced due to the large surface area the Hollow Fiber Membrane provides for gas transfer versus the traditional vacuum degassing tank. 3M Liqui-Cel SP Series Membrane Contactors are used in-line and degassing and debubbling is immediate. Liquids with surface tensions between 20-40 dynes/cm are ideally suited for SP Series.

3M Liqui-Cel SP Series Membrane Contactors come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of many applications. Small contactors can be used right on the ink jet printer while larger contactors might be used on the ink feed to the printer or at the filling operation. Membrane degassers offer a cost-effective and simple way to help prevent imperfections that can occur on coated materials. They reduce bubble formation in a variety of inks and coatings and they alleviate misfiring of ink jet print heads.

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