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TB 71: Membrane Degassing and Debubbling of High Viscous Fluids with Liqui-Cel® and SuperPhobic® Membrane Contactors

This technical brief summarizes how our membrane contactors can be modified to reduce gas content and bubble formation in highly viscous flluid degassing.

TB 69: Increase Ink Jet Print Speeds by 15% with SP Series Membrane Contactors

This technical brief shows how SuperPhobic Membrane Contactors to improve ink jet printer speeds, reduce downtime and improve yields.

TB 25: Bubble Removal From Aqueous Streams Using SP Series Membrane Contactors

Debubble aqueous solutions with SP Series

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Need to select the right product for your application? Read our Technical Specs for the entire Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactor product line.

There are many processes in the graphic arts industry that are improved when bubbles and gasses are removed. The paper making industry, for example, uses membrane contactors to debubble coatings used on high quality papers. Liquid degassing prevents imperfections in the paper surface that the bubbles can cause.

The graphic arts industry also uses liquid solutions for making printing plates. High quality analog printing relies on printing plates that are produced by applying photo emulsions and developer solutions. If bubbles are present in these solutions, the printing plate can have surface defects that show up in the printed material which is unacceptable in many printing processes.

The digital inkjet printing industry also relies on liquid degassing modules to debubble and deaerate the inks. If bubbles get into the ink jet print head, the nozzle can misfire and shut down printing process. Ink deareation can alleviate the misfiring of print heads by eliminating ink starvation to the print head. Degassing the inks also allows many digital printing presses to run faster because as line speeds increase, pressure increases and this in turn causes even more problems in the ink if it has bubbles in it. Under pressure the bubbles will rapidly come out of solution. By removing the bubbles from the ink before the ink jet print head, the ink jet head will be primed and misfiring may be eliminated. For more information on the digital ink jet ink degassing please view our application page that focuses on ink jet and digital printing.

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