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TB 63: Liqui-CelĀ® Membrane Contactors are widely used in the soft drink and brewing industries to Control dissolved gasses

This paper provides an overview of the principles of Membrane Contactor Operation for the Beverage market and why they should be used to save operating costs and improve processes.

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A controlled method using membranes

Membrane Contactors offer a compact and efficient means to carbonate a beverage or liquid. The addition of carbon dioxide gas to a beverage is what gives it its sparkle and a tangy taste. Adding Carbon Dioxide can also prevent spoilage and reduce bacteria in liquids.

Rather than sparging large CO2 gas bubbles into a liquid, Membrane Contactors diffuse the CO2 into the liquid on a microscopic level. This produces a much more controlled level of carbonation in the end product. The process of dissolving CO2 into the liquid is much more controlled and less CO2 gas is required to get to the same level of carbonation as sparging systems that are very wasteful. In most cases, this reduces operating costs to the end user while producing a superior end product.

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